Files for operation are provided per platform in releases. It is recommended to download the asset appropriate for your local platform from the list of assets for the latest version. Guides for specific installation platforms and scenarios follow.

Platform instructions


  1. Download the latest cove-windows .zip.
  2. Extract the ZIP file. You may need to click “Extract all” on a dialog that pops up.
  3. Execute cove.exe by double clicking on it, or opening a command prompt to the location of cove.exe, and running cove.
  4. If you get Windows protected your PC, click More info, then Run anyway. This occurs because the executable is not yet signed by a publisher.
  5. You may also get a warning about your firewall. Private access may be required if you want to stream or share cove with other devices on your network. Public access may improve speeds by allowing you to receive connections.


You can use cove on Android by either accessing a cove instance running on another device using the same URL that’s opened in the browser when you started that instance, or installing the cove APK. After starting the APK on your Android system, navigate to http://localhost:8080 in your Android’s browser.

Mac and Linux

Run the executable cove from the release asset.

Arch Linux

cove is in the Arch User Repository (AUR) and installable

$ yay -S cove


If you are on Linux or Mac, it is recommend to install ffmpeg for transcoding and metadata extraction. ffmpeg is not currently available for Android, and is included in the release asset for Windows for convenience.


Install via Homebrew, brew install ffmpeg.


Install via your system package manager, for example on Debian-based OS such as Ubuntu, sudo apt install ffmpeg.

Using a desktop installation from another device on your network (such as your phone)

Run cove on your desktop machine. It will open a browser to a URL containing a local network IP address. Use that same URL on your devices elsewhere on the same network to use cove remotely from those devices.


You can update your existing installation retain your torrent cache and DHT index by copying the files from a newer release on top of the existing files. Then run cove from the same location as you usually do.