The page contains high-level information about cove, and acts as an index for the other pages.


cove is a self-hosted torrent browser that bundles a BitTorrent client, DHT indexer, and a web UI on your device. It provides additional functionality like automatic transcoding of resources for browsers and Chromecast. cove requires no external servers. The search capabilities, streaming, transcoding and other features are operated entirely on your device.

Unlike a BitTorrent client, cove lets you browse torrents like you would the Web, exploring and sampling content, streaming data as needed without waiting or requiring manual management of downloads.

cove is provided without any guarantees or liability. You are responsible for your own use and operation of the software. See the legal disclaimer.

DHT indexer

The DHT indexer included scrapes the publicly available BitTorrent mainline DHT network and builds a local index of the metadata found. The index is exclusive to your installation. There is no third party vetting or screening of the metadata scraped from the network. Clicking a search result in the application will fetch content relating to the item clicked.

If you have not previously run cove, the DHT indexer may take 5-10 minutes to begin showing results when searching. cove’s search index will improve over time. After a day or so of continuous operation, it will be sufficient to run it for a short while each day (such as during operation for streaming or browsing torrents).


BitTorrent is a public network and your IP address is visible to all peers in the swarm. Some traffic may be unencrypted when using a BitTorrent client. ISPs may slow down BitTorrent-related traffic. A VPN can aid with privacy by masking your real IP, and protecting your traffic from interception. When using a VPN for torrenting, a user should adher to the laws and regulations of their jurisdiction.


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